To CMS Or Not To CMS?

Posted by Paul Curtis on Wed 2nd February 2011

That is the question...requirements for vanilla websites are less and less these days, and although the idea of an off-the-shelf CMS to get you up and running as quickly as possible is good in principle, is it the right choice in the long run?

Joomla and Drupal are no doubt feature-rich, and very popular solutions that work well for a number of clients, and Wordpress is becoming the default CMS of choice for small scale websites, with a great community producing new modules for all of these solutions.

However, time and time again we here of companies looking to move away from these solutions, as they can become overly complex and unwieldy as their web-site grows over time. So when looking at a longer term strategy, is bespoke now a better way to go?

It should at least be worth considering, especially given the emergence of platforms such as Ruby-on-Rails for development, where arguably you get the best of both worlds. You are able to effectively build a bespoke solution to client's exacting requirements, but with the added benefit of being able to drop in Ruby 'gems' which are nuggets of functionality which have been developed and tested by the community, and which can be re-purposed to deliver common functions such as user management, registration, PSP integration, etc.

We will see if this trend continues, but for now we are betting on RoR...

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Times They Are A Changin'

Posted by Paul Curtis on Mon 27th September 2010

I'm not sure whether I will continue the trend of Bob Dylan tracks for blog titles, but it's a pretty rich vein to mine if I do! In this case, the title is apt; we have been going for 2 years now and have seen the company change from a small start-up with a couple of clients into a 'proper' company that is now moving to a 'proper' office.

Our original aim was to focus on the airline sector, which proved successful to start with, but our strategy has changed somewhat. We now find ourselves operating in the retail and legal sectors which are starting to gain more traction, and see us able to employ some exciting technologies.

In the last 6 months alone, the new technologies we have adopted include Ruby on Rails, Android, Objective-C (for iPad and iPhone development) and Silverlight 4.0. It's definitely an exciting time to join us - we have a number of large projects starting up in the next couple of months, and have started to invest in product development to give our company some real value.

That all said, the most important thing is that although we've become more serious, we still love what we do - would we ever go back to what we did before? Never.....

And to finish with the Bob Dylan reference, here's the use of the track in the exellent Watchmen film intro - enjoy!

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