Agile UI Development? Good luck!

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As mentioned in the previous post, we love agile, we really do. The idea of going back to the ‘bad’ old days of laborious waterfall projects with every possible Prince 2 document required as a deliverable offer no appeal whatsoever.

However….what about the user experience design part of a project? Surely this is just another form of development and can happily sit side-by-side with the developers, churning out code whist the designers churn out assets for the current iteration?

Well, not quite.

Although this is fine in principle, in short it just doesn’t work. Well not for us anyway. Part of the problem we find is that whilst we are passionate about agile, we are also evangelical about user centred design as a principle to follow to ensure we deliver the best user experience possible. The process of user centred design is by its nature a sequential process. You define personas, from these you define scenarios, these are then used to define wireframes for testing, these are then refined through testing to produce the final set of wireframes, and so on.

If you try and wrap this into an agile process, a number of things happen. Firstly, you try and perform a certain amount of the design process up-front, so that by the time of the first iteration, a number of user interactions have already been defined and worked through. So far so good.

You then develop the code for the first iteration, and include some of the design assets that have been created so that your show and tell to the customer not only functions well, it also looks pretty good too.

So where’s the problem here?

Well, if the requirements didn’t change throughout the project, and we simply worked systematically through the backlog, then this would be great, but that’s not really very agile is it? The issue is an obvious one, that can be simply described as 'change’. Whilst development processes have matured and evolved so that change is embraced, and refactoring of code to ensure that flexibility to accommodate change is an every-day activity, our poor designers have less fun.

If to adhere to our chosen design principles we need to do a certain amount of up-front design, we then fall foul of the challenges developers face when having to make late breaking changes to their code, the scope of change makes the cost of this change considerable. On smaller projects, this issue is not always that significant, particularly if the UI aspects of the solution are not that broad. However, on a large-scale, complex, interactive web application, the amount of rework, and cost of rework can be considerable.

Although user testing of design up-front is an extremely valuable activity, and can have a significant impact on the application design, until users start fully interacting with your application, there will be lots of aspect of the user interface that have not been fully understood until this point. If the design team then have to work through lots of existing wireframes and assets to implement the change, and they are having to do this as part of every iteration, then it can become a costly and tiresome job.

So what’s the solution?

As with every discussion/blog post about methodology, there is no silver bullet, and lots of factors will need to be taken into account to identify the optimal approach, taking into account the nature of the customer, the size and complexity, the level of interaction required, and so on. These factors should be identified and reviewed up front to determine how best the design team are to work with the developers. Taking a user centred design approach to this initial phase (as part of a requirements gathering process) will ensure that you get a lot of the design parameters established before a line of code is written.

Secondly, if the user experience is important (is it ever not?), then there just has to be a certain amount of up-front UX design work, at least to the point of having well established and tested wireframes. These will at least ensure that the developers start their process with the right design templates in place. If you try and do this work in parallel with the development of individual sprints, you will very quickly start spending an awfully large amount of design time/budget/margin on constantly reworking these designs.

Finally, prototype, prototype, prototype. If you can justify with the client having time to produce a reasonably interactive clickable prototype that starts to represent the UI interactions, and then combine this with user testing, you will save yourself an awfully large amount of design rework and development time in the grand scheme of things.

In Summary…

When your project has a significant user experience, a bit of waterfall is just fine, don’t flagellate yourself for not practising agile. Take a user centred design approach and encourage (strongly, with sharp implements if necessary) the client to carry out user testing, ideally of a clickable prototype that represents the key aspects of the solution. This is relevant to all types of solution, be they web sites, mobile apps, even internal back-office systems (staff are end users too, right?).

You can’t be a development shop without understanding the principles of good UI design and UX development. Period.

People ignore design that ignores people

Frank Chimero


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