Our Involvement

Chancester.com is an innovative platform for fund-raising which gives those who donate the opportunity to win some great prizes by simply trying to guess how much the item being given away is worth.

The team at Unomee were involved in all aspects of the project, from inception and design through to delivery and hosting. We chose to deliver the solution using a combination of Ruby-on-Rails and Heroku to allow the site to scale easilly as volume increased, without a significant up-front investment.

The result was a web site that is fully content managed, and can be administered to run a whole host of different games, with full social networking integration in place, so that the word can be spread far and wide!

  • Tech Lead: Dom Barker
  • Live: 10th January 2013
  • Ruby-on-Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Cucumber, RSpec, Heroku