Summary of Delivered Solution

Volvo Construction Equipment is a major part of the global Volvo business, providing construction equipment to companies around the globe. One aspect of their revenue stream is the selling of Volvo merchandise, which before this project was only possible through trade shows.

We worked closely with their team in Duxford to produce a flexible e-commerce solution built on the Ruby-on-Rails platform, that gives them full control of the website. This includes product management, stock feeds, image management and content throughout the site.

By leveraging our existing e-Commerce platform, we were able to build them a solution in little time, and within the budget allocated to the project. This solution will ensure that they can agressively grow their business without the platform becoming a limiting factor.

  • Tech Lead: Josh Toper
  • Live: 14th February 2012
  • Ruby-on-Rails, Postgress, HTML5/CSS3